Freedom Booth

Open Air Capture & Print Experience | Unlimited Prints Add-On

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What's the Freedom Booth Experience?

The Freedom Booth is our printing booth that allows guests to create photo, GIF, and boomerang experiences! 


The experiences are immediately printed for guest keepsakes. Our prints come in all shapes and sizes (2x6, 4x6, 6x6 or 6x8).  The experience can still be shared digitally via text, email, or QR code. It also instantly gets uploaded to the personal Live Online Gallery.


Create beautiful photos. Customize the photo experience with templates, overlays, and logos. Any font, any size, and any colors!



Create photos into a quick animation. Think mini slideshow, but faster! Add some life to your social media posts with this feature!


Create motions into a quick video that's smooth as butter 🧈 Watch it reverse and play back again and that's a boomerang! Super popular nowadays and very easy to do.


Digital Sharing 

No prints? No problem. If you don't want prints, but still love this booth, we can get digital. Guests will still receive their experience via text, email, or QR code. 


Live Online Gallery

Every captured experience is immediately uploaded to your custom website link. Provide this link to guests so they can see the whole album.

Life pro tip: send the link to those who couldn't make it to add some extra FOMO in their life. 


Metallic Prints 

The new luxury metallic prints gives a magical finish to your prints, providing a captivating emotional experience. 

Accentuate images with vibrant eye-popping colors or enhance black and white photos with a unique shine. With the metallic prints, boost solid colors, reflections and negative space with a metal touch.

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