About Us

Capturing an Open Air Experience 

Freedom Flash Fotobooth was founded to create an open air experience that is comfortable and fun to capture. We create moments to attract and entertain your friends, family, employees and clients. Lastly, our booth's do more so you can too. 


Our photo booth's  are sleek, aesthetically pleasing, and will light up the room. Once you are sucked into the soft glow of lights the experience begins. You step into our photo booth and your guests will follow. You're surrounded by the uplifting energy of all those who desire to join the countdown. Three quick flashes later, laughter fills the room with a mix of joy and embarrassment. Someone's eyes were closed and it's time for a redo. The imaginary bubble has formed around those involved, and thus lost in a sphere of fun. This booth has no walls, no ceilings, and no curtains. The energy radiates to all the guests, through the music, and reflects off the colorful lights. This is the open air experience. This is the beginning of the journey to what we have to offer. 

Meet The Team